Repatriated (Canada – Brazil) with expertise in marketing and redirection for customer relations – Brazil / Sao Paulo
I started the process with the People & Results extremely suspicious. I was unemployed for some time, with low self-esteem and believing that I would never restore it. Even during the process I had some doubts whether it was actually making a difference in my life. Today, when I think back, I realize that yes, it made all the difference. I came out stronger and ready for the challenge of a new job. One thing I will always remember is that the companies also choose candidates, not just the opposite.
Thanks to Career Guidance, my day has arrived. 
I received na offer before the end of the program! It was very important to realize that I have strengths that are very good, and it is there that I have to invest. The optimism of Maria Candida and how she drives the process – seriously and always believing in candidate, honestly, make a difference.
Today I am in a job I love, happy as a haven’t being in years. I thank People & Results, and especially Maria Candida, who always believed in my potential!

Entrepreneur in the financial area shift to private equity management (start-up) – Brazil /Goiania
People & Results was fundamental in my recent career planning process and change of activity. Working with professionalism, assertiveness and sensitivity, it helped me make an important decision, weighing all relevant aspects. I highly recommend professionals from all areas to hire them, even those who are happy and fully realized their careers.

Executive focused on sustainability working in project management in banks – Brazil / Sao Paulo
The career orientation process contributed much to my self-knowledge and discovery of my strengths, which I consider essential to a successful career. I think every professional should go through this process.

Economist redirection after maternity leave – Brazil / Curitiba
When I contacted People & Results, I was going through a time of vocational indecision. The guidelines helped me to better know and understand what frustrates and motivates me professionally. I was happy to discover the many ways in which I can act to distinguish myself in my area. The result of the guidance was so positive that it also had a great impact on my personal life!

E-Commerce Manager with 10 years in major retailer has changed for startup – Brazil / Sao Paulo
When I decided to leave my job I looked for something that could help me. After 10 years in the same company, outdated curriculum and no preparation to attend an interview was not soft. At that time I was taking a course at BSP and started the Organizational Culture discipline with Maria Candida.
After a while, already doing the career guidance, I was fired. Of course it brought a sense of failure, low self-esteem, but I had so much support that I did well.
I did the tests, followed all the guidelines, and did the homework properly. I learned so much and discovered so many skills that I never realized before that it was very worthwhile, I have no words to show my gratefulness.
At each interview, job offer, I had all her support and interest, always focusing where I could do better.
I got a much better job with a higher salary and exactly as I wanted.
I recommend, because it was much more than a Career Guidance. I learning things for life, and gained a friend, someone who is always ready when I need help.